Monroe Sullivan Photography
Cattle owned by Graves Wallace

      Firmly dedicated to raising Texas Longhorn cattle that are as historically correct in conformation and as
genetically pure as possible, since 1997.

      There is little argument, if any, about where the longhorn cattle came from. However, there are options and choices that can be made as to where, we the caretakers of the longhorn cattle, take them going forward.

      You will not find tip-to-tip measurements here, because there are many other traits that deserve equal attention in our breeding considerations. There are a lot of wonderful people raising longhorns today and all are passionate about the cattle. We are passionate and concerned about preserving the Old, Original Type Longhorns.

      If you think you would like to be a part of preserving a piece of history and our Original Type Longhorn cattle offer some appeal to you, feel free to contact us at Farr Cross Ranch.