Consistency is what we hope you will see in the photos of bulls used in our program along with photos of many other good bulls found in the pedigrees of our cow herd.

They are historically correct in their physical characteristics, while being as genetically pure as possible. In an effort to maintain the physical correctness in longhorn cattle, special attention should be given to the bull. simply because of his long lasting impact in a breeding program.

As a longhorn breeder dedicated to raising ”Original Type Longhorns”, bulls considered for use are subjected to a visual inspection at 2 years of age and generally by at least 3 knowledgeable inspectors, along with DNA verification before they are considered as a herd bull.

While there are pedigrees with these bulls that can offer some help in the selection process, seldom is that the deciding factor in choosing a sire, and absolutely never should a ‘tip to tip’ horn measurement be the only consideration.